Press Release – Duisburg, 29.03.2014
Chinese President impressed by logistics turntable logport

About 250 guests of honor accompanied the State Visit of the Chinese President Xi Jinping this Saturday on the logport logistics site in the Port of Duisburg. Together with Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel and NRW Minister President Hannelore… more

News – Duisburg, 21.03.2014
Chinese President visits logistics turntable logport

As part of his five day trip to Europe, the Chinese president is also visiting Duisburg on March 29 in addition to Brussels, Paris and Berlin. Logport in Duisburg is the only company visit the Chinese president is making during his trip. It… more

News – Duisburg, 20.03.2014
opening of the logistics centre for Volkswagen in the port of Duisburg

Property group Goodman and logistics service provider syncreon today celebrated the opening of the new export hub with an area of approx. 24,000 sqm in the port of Duisburg. The event was celebrated with representatives from Duisburger Hafe… more

Press Release – Duisburg, 18.03.2014
NYK / Yusen Logistics opens new logistics center in the Port of Duisburg

Yusen Logistics (Deutschland) GmbH realized its fourth expansion phase in the Port of Duisburg today. The 26,000m2 logistics complex was built by the duisport Group on one of the last available plots on the logport I site in nearly nine mon… more

News – Bremen, 11.03.2014
Auf vielfältige Weise die Logistik erfahren – in einem Monat ist Tag der Logistik

Informativ, kostenfrei und grundsätzlich für jeden Interessenten zugänglich – das kennzeichnet alle 220 Veranstaltungen, die derzeit das Programm des Tages der Logistik ausmachen. Der Begriff „Logistik“ wird in der öffentlichen W… more

Press Release – Duisburg, 03.03.2014
Direct train Euromax Terminal Rotterdam – DeCeTe Duisburg

As of the 11th of March 2014, the inland terminal DeCeTe Duisburg will have a direct rail connection with the Euromax Terminal Rotterdam. Three times a week, the daily Betuwe Express between DeCeTe and the ECT Delta Terminal will continue o… more

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